Skip Tracing techniques are used to find individuals who’s contact information is not known.

Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers, Private and Public organizations, Investigators, Debt Collectors or anyone needing to get in contact with someone who’s contact information is not available.

Various skip tracing techniques are used by our team at Skip Wizard. We use strategic data analytics which gives our customers the highest possible quality skip tracing results. Some techniques used may include in-depth data analysis from recent activity on various websites and social media platforms.
We can only skip trace individuals. We do not skip trace businesses or companies such as LLC’s or Inc’s.

Most orders are completed within 4-24hrs. Our team is available 24/7 to make sure your orders are immediately processed, ensuring your list will be completed ASAP. We are available for our customers days, nights and weekends!

Our prices are unbeatable. The quality results we provide our clients are unrivaled. See our pricing page for our unbeatable batch pricing.
Our goal is to provide all our customers with the highest quality service possible. Our team dedicates significant time and research into getting you the absolute best results possible. Please confirm your list prior to submission.
No refunds are issued.

We provide options of 2 forms for our customers to use and enter data. Using either of the forms will increase process efficiencies.

Address-Only Skip Tracing was integrated as a result of major collaborative efforts. This is a new milestone in Skip Tracing that allows Wholesalers & Investors to contact property owners anywhere in the USA by only uploading THE PROPERTY ADDRESS!
Address-Only Skip Tracing is an in-depth Analytical approach that allows customers to upload ONLY THE ADDRESS of properties. We provide the NAME AND PHONE NUMBERS of the property owner.

Find the owners name of over 120 Million properties in the USA.
Now you can close REI & Wholesale deals in any city across the Nation with no limits.
A Great Tool to scale your business by targeting HOT MARKETS across State lines.
Email us your search preferences: Street, City, Zip Code or State; and we'll provide you the owner information to any address in the USA!

Tell us exactly what you analyzed with your data. Submit the data file (excel, csv) to us. We will analyze data with interpretations to answer your specific questions about your file. We also provide unique market analysis of interest to look for items such as; owner non-occupied vs owner occupied by State, City, Zip-Code and among countless other items of interest.